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I research these efforts all the time, as a travel writer specializing in outdoor travel to natural areas. Yet I am also able to see that what some travel businesses dabble in is in fact disingenuous. Their efforts in many cases have more to do with publicity than real concern. Some make untrue claims, or exaggerate their actions, and gimmickry is more common than it should be given that so much tourism income at stake.

To be fair there do exist local opportunists, human nature being what it is, but this practice is especially the case with international chains or upscale resorts, who often use their financial and prestigious clout to get permits to build their commercial retreats in natural landscapes—then profess to do something in the name of the environment.

For example, recently I went to check out a new commercial vacation spot along a pristine beach north of Phuket in Thailand.

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This is commendable, but what the resort omits to say is that the beach where it is situated also used to be a turtle-nesting beach, but its very construction—and others that followed it—scared away the turtles. So if the vacation retreat had not been built on a pristine beach in the first place, there would be more nesting turtles.

I could list dozens of hypocritical cases such as this. Even some prominent guidebook publishers are exploiting the current trend in favor of green travel in order to make money. In fact, colorful guidebooks about natural places, especially destinations linked to global warming and environmental ruin, have proven to be best-selling guidebooks in recent years.

Some publishers have also created and promoted guidebooks to "exotic and unique" places you can see before they disappear due to global warming and environmental degradation such as shrinking lakes, expanding deserts, melting glaciers and icebergs, and so forth.

What these guidebooks have in common is this: they encourage the kind of energy-intensive travel that is often part of the problem rather than a solution. Such a promotion of shallow travel to areas that are under threat actually helps exacerbate the very global warming and environmental damage that will hasten the disappearance of these places. If we are honest with ourselves as travelers, then we have to concede that travel for leisure is indeed one of the most environmentally destructive activities in existence, and flights are a major contributor to global warming.

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In Switzerland, there is a project that calculated that in order to achieve sustainability, each person on earth should use only 2, kilowatts of energy a year in the U. A journalist once asked two of the directors involved in the project if they themselves had achieved the target of 2, kilowatts annually. But since none of us is going to give up travel—I would be out of work if people stopped traveling—then the next best thing that we can do, as individuals, is to make careful choices to minimize our environmental and social impact.

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By making reflective, common sense, and sensitive choices, not only will we lessen our impact as travelers, but we also hopefully foster the kind of climate that will incrementally lead to the search and implementation of more progressive environmental solutions. At the same time, you can enjoy your travels as you should knowing that you are not trampling on delicate and beautiful flowers. Here is a rundown of 20 simple and practical suggested measures that you can adopt during your travels in order to minimize your environmental footprint:.

Do not be tempted to sheepishly buy the new spate of colorful guidebooks about places to see before you die aka the ubiquitous "bucket lists" , places to see before they disappear, best adventures to be had in the world—you will never have the chance to experience them all before you physically leave this world anyway, and these guides promote the type of brash and shallow globetrotting that has a big impact on the planet. Likewise, do not stay in resorts, or use businesses, who are flagrant greenwashers.

Often you need to read or lug about several expensive guidebooks or make sure your tablet is always charged to get a broad and accurate picture.

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If you do enjoy quality guidebooks, you can often best use them as a starting points and research tools prior to your travels, and then make your own discoveries. And, if you are just visiting one small region within a country, do you actually need guidebooks? Bull displays categorical examples of eclectic and figural corkscrews and knives along with current market values and amusing text enticing all to explore this twisted hobby. Donald Bull, With Mayle as our inimitably charming guide, we come away with a satisfied smile if a little hungry and the compelling desire to book a flight to France at once.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


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Peter Mayle, Ted Wood, This is the focus of Nicholas Murray's fascinating book which draws upon the extraordinary stories of Livingstone's journey across Africa; Burton and Speke reaching Lake Tanganyika; John Stuart crossing Australia from south to north; Nicholas Murray, Donna Jo Napoli, Richard Tchen, When the president's wife is kidnapped while touring Europe, and General Buck Peighton, founder and commander of an elite covert strike team called Raptor Force, is gravely injured during the attack, Raptor Force must operate on their own Bill Yenne, As we neared the target a coned Lancaster attempted to corkscrew out of trouble, only to explode with a gigantic flash.

Then, on the run—in, Brian urgently broke across Don's course adjustment with the imperative, 'Fighter! Pat Cunningham, In this highly personal collection of anecdotes, internationally renowned wine expert Tony Aspler shares with us his adventures, his pleasures, his insights and, as always, his extensive knowledge of wine from his 30 years of "chasing the Tony Aspler, How can you devote an entire weekend to the French fry? Missing is a sense that this is definitive, and the ideal host giving us an ideal way round the world, and some important proof-reading regarding dates so when did Bird talk to the RGS?

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Yet this book is certainly well worth consideration, whether like a traveller's companion it will cause you to divert to many more interesting details, or else provide you with the ultimate tourist's dash through a very readable collection of snippets. For more explorers of Empire we can recommend Dr.

Livingstone, I Presume? Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site.

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