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Illegal access to your network is a foregone conclusion. Closing security vulnerabilities and establishing effective cybersecurity policies and procedures is going to require more than just better technology. Effective security will demand a complete change of attitude by every employee, executive, and individual operating a computing device. Security must become the priority, even at the expense of convenience. Confirming results reported in other studies, the Positive Technologies research showed that more than a quarter of employees still inexplicably clicked a malicious link sent to them in an email.

Despite extensive training and retraining, employees—regardless of industry or level of technical knowledge—continue to operate with an almost unconscious lack of security awareness. Until this cavalier attitude toward protecting company data changes, phishing attacks and authentication circumvention will continue to plague the modern enterprise.

Securing Your Home Router - Security 101 - Episode 24

Illegal unauthorized access to enterprise networks is costing businesses billions of dollars every year. It is a situation that can't be sustained indefinitely. Businesses must take immediate steps to re-educate all employees about the very real and very costly consequences of security breaches. Employees must embrace the idea that they are the first line of defense in cybersecurity.

An information security policy , such as the one offered by TechRepublic's premium sister site, Tech Pro Research , can provide a framework for developing a complete security plan of action for your business and, more important, for your employees. A proactive policy of education, training, and cultural adjustment is the only way you can turn the tide in cybersecurity.

Because right now, illegal access to your network is trivial. Internet security is a key NCSC priority and we continuously update our advice on issues such as wifi safety, device management and browser security. The development is significant because the compromised security protocol is the most secure in general use to encrypt wifi connections.


6 Hacks Sure to Defeat Your Firewall (And How to Prevent Them)

Older security standards have been broken in the past, but on those occasions a successor was available and in widespread use. Crucially, the attack is unlikely to affect the security of information sent over the network that is protected in addition to the standard WPA2 encryption. This means connections to secure websites are still safe, as are other encrypted connections such as virtual private networks VPN and SSH communications.

However, insecure connections to websites — those which do not display a padlock icon in the address bar, indicating their support for HTTPS — should be considered public, and viewable to any other user on the network, until the vulnerability is fixed. Equally, home internet connections will remain difficult to fully secure for quite some time. Many wireless routers are infrequently if ever updated, meaning that they will continue to communicate in an insecure manner.

Like most things in life, regular maintenance is vital to keep everything in good, running order. A daily antivirus update will stop any unexpected drop in your protection, from hackers disabling automatic updates to a new threat not covered by your current protection.

Man-in-the-middle attacks: A cheat sheet

Here are some recommendations for antivirus software for small businesses. Servers can be separated into various compartments and sectioned for each department within your business, so each computer and employee login should only have access to relevant parts of the server.

Businesses should also disable the accounts of ex-employees to limit the chance of a hacker getting in via an inactive account, or potentially a scorned ex-worker performing malicious activities within the office network. While businesses can restrict access to certain files on the server, they should also consider excluding non-approved external laptops, tablets and smart devices. This will mean that employees can view information on the server from their office PC but if they bring in a foreign device it only has access to guest Wi-Fi and has absolutely no access to the server unless it is approved by the office manager or the IT administrator.

Restricting employee use of the internet could protect the office network from viruses and malicious content found on some websites, and help speed up overall connectivity. There are numerous ways to block potentially malicious websites but the most common is either via the router or though individual IP addresses and firewall filtering.

Every firewall is different but most websites can be blocked via a 'filtering' tab. Here's how to block websites via the office router. Here are the latest Insider stories.

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How to Cheat at Securing Your Network (How to Cheat)

All Slides. Use an uncommon SSID network name. Encrypt your Wi-Fi.

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