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Torino: Bollati Boringhieri. Di chi fidarsi? Dono, fiducia, e indebitamento reciproco positivo. In Godbout Carrico K. Towards an anthropology of taxation. Cedrini M.

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    New York: W. Milgate M. Brief lives: economic life and political life in the history of economic thought. Public Choice, , — Miyazaki H. Stanford, Calif. Montedoro C.

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    Il 5x come strumento di partecipazione nel nuovo modello di welfare. Murphy L. The Myth of the Owernship, Tax and Justice. NY, Oxford University Press. Musgrave R. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 53, 2: Fiscal functions: Order and Politics. Acceptance Paper delivered on receiving the Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy. Memphis, TN: P. Grounding taxation. Justifying different types of taxation. Why taxing consumption?

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    Stark III. International and global taxation. What burden should fiscal policy bear in fighting global injustice? Please wait This may take some time. Please do NOT reload this page.

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    Osgoode Stacks. Recourse to tax havens, use and abuse : proceedings of a seminar held in Paris in during the 34th congress of the International Fiscal Association. Grundy's Tax havens : a world survey. International taxation and business planning.

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    Tax incidence. Other Authors: Gaisbauer, Helmut P. Schweiger, Gottfried, editor. Sedmak, Clemens, editor. Ius gentium Dordrecht, Netherlands ; v. Grounding taxation. Justifying different types of taxation.